“But there are some things I know for certain: always throw spilt salt over your left shoulder, keep rosemary by your garden gate, plant lavender for luck, and fall in love whenever you can.” 
- Sally, Practical Magic
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 Hey there Herbal Witches!

Question for you...

What if you could learn to make manifesting your dreams part of your daily routine in just three days or less?

Or, let me rephrase that…  

Wouldn't it be great if manifesting your dreams were part of your daily routine? What if creating your desired life could start with just a cup of tea?


What if you didn't need to spend hours researching the herbs you want to use and their safe dosages before you started. What if it didn't need to be complicated? 


Your time is precious. Modern life doesn’t always give us a lot of time to do all the things we want - and perhaps that applies to your spiritual or self-care practices.


If you want to learn how to easily work herbs into your daily ritual effectively and safely...

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Here’s the

common complaint...

You think that in order to manifest the life you want, you need tons of dedicated time for your practice and you need a wealth of knowledge before you even start. 

However, you constantly hear yourself say…

“I don’t feel like I know what I am doing.”

“I don’t have time to prepare a big ritual.”

“I've never manifested anything before, why now?”

“How do I work with herbs safely?

Can you imagine?

What if you could easily incorporate herbs into your everyday magical life without the concern of if you are doing it all correctly. Have you ever wished you could live the Practical Magic lifestyle? No kitchy, generic magic but real opportunities to create and manifest.

What would happen?

Let me ask my crystal ball!

  • You could work with herbal magic as part of your everyday life.

  • You would be putting your self-care at the top of your to-do list.

  • You would not have to spend a ton of time figuring it all out what you needed to do.

  • You would feel confident that you are working with the herbs in the most effective way.

  • You could manifest the life you want to live!


If you want to learn how to create powerful daily rituals to bring magic into your everyday life, I have something just for you…






Your in-depth guide to give you the knowledge and  confidence in working with herbal magic and creating a lifestyle you’ve always dreamt of! 

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Here’s what Sara said about it.

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Sara Walka, Founder of The Sisters Enchanted School of Magic

Tea Spells Ritual

Easy to execute ritual for to bring your manifestations to life so that you don’t have to spend hours preparing for a ritual.

Tea Spells Recipe

Simple to follow recipes for love, abundance, sleep and anything you wish!

My Personal Magic Herbal Resource

An in depth resource with all of the herbs, their magical properties, commonly experienced medicinal properties, and notes on how to use them safely.


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So what makes Tea Spells different?

I give you all the tools you need to start today.

There are other great books and resources out there that offer magical and energetic properties of herbs but few noted EXACTLY how to use them to work with them safely as a tea. You should know what you are taking. While it is not designed to acknowledge every contraindication, it is a safe place to start especially if you're a “green” Herbal Witch!


Designed for the busy modern witch, you can expect to digest this information within a few days if you choose. I want you to be able to jump right into your magic life as quickly as possible and I know you don’t have time for another long winded class. I’ve made it easy for you to absorb the info you need to get started today.

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Are you ready to be the herbal witch you’ve always wanted to be?

When you enroll today,  you’ll get:

Tea Spells Ritual  (Value $34)

Tea Spells Recipe (Value $34)

My personal magic herbal resource (Value $97) 

TOTAL VALUE = $165    

Your Investment is only $24!


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