Creating Possibilities

The Earth is awakening into Spring and now is the time to CREATE.


To quote one of the most amazing thought leaders of our time, Vishen Lakhiani (founder of Mindvalley - a revolutionary platform for self growth and healing),“The Universe reflects back to you who say you are.”

Are you showing up as your best self?

The perfect question to ask yourself for March is “What have I planted and what do I want to cultivate later?”

About three years ago, someone important to me introduced me to the life changing power of Mindvalley and Vishen’s mission to expand the mind, body and soul in a plethora of ways. When I first learned about Mindvalley and their many exciting events around the world I thought, “I’ll never be able to go. Only ambitious people would go to that. I don’t have the money to do that. I don’t deserve that kind of experience.” It seem so unattainable to even go, so why bother.

How funny that seems to me now! Three years of stretching, growing, planting the seeds of positive intention - I shifted the mindset of what is possible in my life to have and guess what… I was able to go this past weekend to see Vishen, the amazing Lisa Nichols, and a string of powerhouse speakers deliver life-changing energetic messages!

Oh… and I even bumped into Vishen in the lobby of the hotel. Luckily, I didn't “Fan Girl” too hard and could at least talk to the man!

What an exciting moment!

Next time the little voice in the back of your mind says, “I don't think so…” why not flip the script and ask yourself, “why the hell not!” and GO FOR IT!

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