The best marketers are always creating relationships.
Relationships with customers, brands and other marketers. 

- Kurt Uhlir, CEO & Co-Founder, Sideqik

 Hey there, Love!
Question for you...

Are you struggling with ​learning how to use

online marketing tools to make your business shine

and attract new customers?

We've all been there...

There are so many places that need your attention to be a good marketer and you may feel like you are struggling to stay on top of it all…


What if you didn't have to spend hours trying to learn how to a newsletter that people actually read? What is you could easily make killer social media posts that get good engagement? What if you could take your product photos with just your phone?  


What if you didn't have to be so stressed putting together your marketing strategy and you could design a plan that works for you, where you are in your business?


If you are interested in taking a shortcut to getting started with creative marketing without feeling sales-y...

Let me help you!


Here’s what
I see too often

I keep seeing classic mistakes by my peers in the holistic world. Their products and services isn't really the issue for why they aren't attracting their ideal customers - they actually know their crafts well... 

Its comes down to how they are presenting

themselves to to world. 

However, you constantly hear yourself say…

“I don’t feel like I know what I am doing.”

“I don’t have time to do all these things.”

"How do I even know its working for me?"  

“I don't think I need to have a marketing strategy... It takes too much time to plan and I don't see the results I want."

Can you imagine?

What if you could get crystal clear on your objectives and easily plan your marketing strategy each month without stress? What if you had the basic tools in your toolbox to help you so you can manage it? What if you could identify your ideal client and speak directly to them?

What would happen?

Let me ask my crystal ball!

  • You could feel confident that your making the right moves

  • You can put out content that you are proud of!

  • You can easily execute a plan that works for your schedule

  • You can speak directly to your clients with ease

  • You can attract the perfect clients to work with you


What if I gave you the foundation to get started? 


Join us live!



Monday, August 2, 9, & 16

1pm EST - 4pm EST


Your in-depth workshop to give you the knowledge and confidence making your creative marketing strategy connect you to your ideal clients 

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Tea Spells Ritual

Easy to execute ritual for to bring your manifestations to life so that you don’t have to spend hours preparing for a ritual.

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Tea Spells Recipe

Simple to follow recipes for love, abundance, sleep and anything you wish!


Magic Herbal Resource

My personal in depth herbal resource with magical properties, commonly experienced medicinal properties, and notes on how to use them safely. 


Find your tribe of witchy folks and engage with others who are on a similar path as you.

So what makes 
Holistic Marketing different?

I give you all the tools you need to jump start your new marketing strategy!

Grab my best tips and tools from 12+ years in video production and corporate marketing - dynamically condenses into a 3 week workshop to help kick start your creative marketing efforts! Feel confident in your next steps!

Are you ready to be the Holistic Marketer you’ve always wanted to be?

This Workshop Includes:

BRANDING: Value $400

  • Finding your branding voice and who your target audience should be 

  • Basic Branding guidelines

  • Templates to help youtube started


  • ​Why Email marketing is so important and how to get new subscribers 

  • How to plan out your content strategy in advance

  • Tools to making email campaigns easy

WEBSITE: Value $1,500

  • What should include on your website (and what you don’t need) 

  • What sites to use for easy setup

  • What content should you put on your website to start

SOCIAL MEDIA: Value $1,000

  • The strategy of social media posting & tools to help you get started 

  • Key objectives for social media marketing

  • How to plan out your content strategy in advance

  • What tools to use to make organizing and posting yor content easy

PHOTOGRAPHY: Value $1,500+

  • How to take your own brand photos with just your phone

  • The basics for taking good quality photos for your products and services

  • What tools to use to help you

VIDEOGRAPHY: Value $2,000+

  • What you need to make clean, watchable  videos 

  • The basics for taking good quality video for your products and services

  • What tools to use to help you

TOTAL VALUE = $6,300    

Your Investment today is only $187!
Grab the Early Bird discount today - Will be $287

I am so excited to help you with your own transformation!

Nice to meet you!

I'm Heather​ and my passion is all things creative!

I created this workshop to help out my fellow holistic healers, practitioners and business owners take a shortcut with their marketing. I noticed so many of my peers were struggling with various elements of their marketing and as a result, not making the money they needed to keep their business afloat. I am constantly asked, “how did you do this?” or “what tools are you using for that?” I realized I was spending hours answering the same questions over and over again, so I decided to put everything in one place for you!


A little bit about my background... 

I have over twelves years expense in corporate video production and marketing. I spent a few years working in the marketing department as the in house Video Producer at Reed Exhibitions, the trade show company responsible for New York Comic Con, Star Wars Celebration, JCK Vegas, Agenda, Vision Expo, and many, many more. I spent most of my career freelancing and then working directly for Frontline Productions in Glastonbury, CT where I wore many hats as a full time Video Producer & Marketing Director that served large companies, like Pratt & Whitney, GE, William Raveis, Carrier, Travelers, NECS and many others. 

My background in corporate marketing was intensely helpful when I launch Tea & Tarot several years ago and I educated myself on how to translate my experience in marketing for large brands, to branding and marketing for the solo entrepreneur. I spend A LOT OF MONEY looking for answers and all the best tools - and finding ways to promote myself without feeling overly “sales-y.” As a holistic business owner, we don't like to feel pushy or like we are harassing potential clients. Trust me, I know how you feel! 


I absolutely love the creative aspects of marketing and am excited to share all my best stuff with you as you get started on your business.

Still not sure if this Holistic Marketing Workshop is for you?

If you are a new entrepreneur - or just want help re-energizing your current business marketing strategy - I am here for you.


If you want to feel empowered to make your marketing strategy fun and actually work for you, this workshop is for you! You can talk to me LIVE for 1 hour after each session to ask questions, get real-time feedback and create strategies for yourself that will transform your online presence! Let me help you get started!




Are you ready to make magic with your marketing strategy?