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the foundations of tarot for practitioners

"Tarot helps us look within ourselves to understand our emotions, the reasoning behind our words and conduct, and the source of our conflicts." 

- Benebell Wen, Author of Holistic Tarot

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 Hey there, Love!
Question for you...

Are you struggling to memorize all the tarot cards and feel confident in your ability to deliver accurate and meaningful readings for yourself or others?


Here’s the struggle
I see often

I keep seeing classic mistakes byreaders who are starting out withTarot.


They don't believe they are naturally intutive.


They are trying to memorize the cards. They get overwhelmed and give up.

However, you constantly hear yourself say…

“My intuition isn’t not quite there.” 

“It feel stressful to memorizing all 78 cards." 

“How can I read intuitively if I just memorize the cards.”

“What if I can’t read for myself or others.”

“What if I get the meanings wrong?”

Can you imagine?

What would happen?

Let me ask my crystal ball!

  • You could learn the cards easily 

  • You didn't depend on books to remember the traditional meanings

  • You could sharpen your own intuition

  • You were confident in your abilities to read Tarot for yourself & others 


What if I gave you the foundation to get started? 



Join me live!


foundation of tarot for practitioners

6 Week Online Training Course

These in-depth workshop sessions will give you the knowledge and confidence t o read and holistically coach with the power of the Tarot 

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6 Live Classes

Each class will be 1.5 full hours completely packed with helpful information. Any necessary files and handouts will be provided beforehand.

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Q&A Session

After each workshop there will be an opportunity to ask me questions in real time.

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Instructor 1-on-1

Book office hours with me so we can go over your individual questions.


Find your tribe of holistic tarot folks and engage with others who are on a similar path as you.

So what makes 
Holistic Tarot different?

Tarot isn't a "party trick" to me. It's a tool for tuning into your intuition and connecting your unconscious mind to your conscious mind - for deepened transformational change. 

This course is designed to help you use a holistic approach to learning and applying Tarot - as a solo practice or to compliment your other holistic services. Learn some of my best tips and trick to begin your journey as a Holistic Tarot Practitioner. 

Are you ready to work your Marketing Magic the way you’ve always wanted to?

Workshop Sessions:


Brief History of Tarot  |  Your Tarot Toolbox


Tarot Numerology  |  The Suites  |  The Minor Arcana (Ace - Threes)


Understanding the Story  |  The Minor Arcana (Four - Seven)


Using Spreads & Significators  | The Minor Arcana ( Eight - Ten)


Boundaries & Ethics  |  The Court Cards


The Major Arcana  |  Reading for Yourself & Others​

Your Investment: $997   

(Will be $1297 in January)

Invest in the future of your business!

I am so excited to help you with your own transformation!

Nice to meet you!

I'm Heather​ and my passion is helping empower deep transformation through holistic Tarot!

I created this course to help my fellow holistic healers, practitioners and readers weave the power of Tarot into their practice - whether new or existing. I have designed this course with the beginner in mind, helping to define the structure of the 

to give you some insights around how to start on your own tarot journey, especially if you want to offer tarot to your clients in a holistic way.

They say business isn’t personal, but in my case,

it is (in the best way possible!).


I have created my business with the intention of a safe personal space for other - especially women, people of color

and LGBTQ+ (like myself!).  

I have an herbal wellness boutique in Madison, CT where I offer wellness products and services for the mind, body & spirit. I have  7+ years of experience as an intuitive tarot reader, with a focus on herbal tarot. My approach to Tarot aims to move the reputation of the tarot from a “party trick” to holistic therapy for emotional healing. Early on, I found that many of my readings would surface deep and challenge topics, often leaving clients feeling lost as to what were the next steps. There was a gap between the work I was doing with my clients and their path to healing afterwards.

Realizing there was an opportunity to pair the physical, energetic and spiritual attributes of the plants with the Tarot, I started creating pairings like herbal tea and flower essences with my client’s readings. I found my clients felt more empowered to can continue their healing process even after their reading and would often follow up later noting their relief and success moving through their challenges.

Still not sure if Holistic Tarot is for you?

If you are a new reader or just want help re-energizing

your current Tarot practice, I am here for you.


If you want to become holistic tarot practitioner who is confident in your abilities to read intuitively & accurately - while delivering transformational results for yourself or your future clients, this class is for you.


Feel free to reach out to us if you have questions!


Learn the secret to tarot


the foundations of tarot
for practitioners

Your tarot journey awaits you!

Register below to join my 6 week workshop to strengthen your intuition and begin your path to being a holistic tarot practitioner.



THURSDAYS  5:00 PM - 6:30 PM EST