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a beginner's path to tarot for practitioners

 The art of reading Tarot is quite old; having started as a game before it was ever used for divination and healing. As a guidance tool, Tarot helps to surface challenges that need to be addressed and offers guidance to the seeker. When people reach out to a tarot reader, it is often because life is chaotic and they are looking for answers - or simply need to talk something out. Tarot is a fantastic, intuitive tool that can help healers, coaches, and guides as a way to work with clients on an intimate level. This online workshop is designed to kick off your tarot journey with some of the basics of Tarot, with an emphasis on bringing the most caring for the Seeker.

You want to learn how to eat tarot but your inner voice has said any of the following… 


✨“My intuition isn’t not quite there.” 

✨“How can I memorize all 78 cards - upright & reversed!" 

✨“I won’t be able to read intuitively if I just memorize the cards.”

✨“What if I can’t even read for myself, never mind others.”

✨“What if I get the meanings wrong?”


First of all, if you are trying to memorize all 78 cards upright and reverse,

you are going about it the wrong way. Trust me. 


I have created a signature method to make it so much easier for you to tap into you intuition and draw on the card meanings than memorizing pages of material. The whole point is to get out of your head and let your higher self speak to you! As an experience holistic tarot practitioner, I am here to help.

New to reading Tarot?

No problem! This class is for you.

Dabbled with reading Tarot for a bit?

This class is still for you.

Join me for this FREE one-of-a-kind training! 

Sunday, September 19 

6:30am PST  |  8:30am CST  |  9:30am EST 

We will meet online in our virtual classroom via Zoom. You will need an updated Zoom app on your computer or phone. You will receive the zoom link invitation and handouts via email within a few hours of class beginning at 9:30am EST. If you cannot attend the class live, a replay of the class will be available to you the following day. 

What You Can Expect to Learn:

  • What is Holistic Tarot and why is this is approach impactful for clients
  • The structure of the traditional Tarot deck
  • How to get started if you are new to tarot
  • How to strength your intuition
  • The boundaries & ethics of being a tarot reader

Please bring have a notebook and a Rider-Waite-Smith deck available to you for class.
You can grab the deck here if you wish. 


A Little About Me

Heather Wright Fitzgerald

Hi There! I’m Heather, the owner of an herbal wellness boutique called Tea & Tarot in Madison, CT. Here, I offer wellness products and services for the mind, body & spririt. I  have  7+ years of experience as an intuitive tarot reader, with a focus on herbal tarot. My approach to Tarot  aims to move the reputation of the tarot from a “party trick” to holistic therapy for emotional healing. Early on, I found that many of my readings would surface deep and challenge topics, often leaving clients feeling lost as to what were the next steps. There was a gap between the work I was doing with her clients and their path to healing afterwards. 


Realizing there was an opportunity to pair the physical, energetic and spiritual attributes of the plants with the Tarot, I started creating pairings like herbal tea and flower essences with my client’s readings. I found my clients felt more empowered to can continue their healing process even after their reading and would often follow up later noting their relief and satisfaction. 


I am excited for you to join me in this workshop where I will give you some insights around how to start, especially if you want to offer tarot to your clients in a holisitic way. 

Are you ready to start your tarot practitioner journey?



a beginner's path

to tarot for practitioners

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Sunday, September 19 

6:30am PST | 8:30am CST | 9:30am EST