A Little About Me


"The Flower of Passion"

BOTANICAL: Calluna vulgaris

ZODIAC: Scorpio
Passion, Protection, Luck

Like the plant whose name I share, I’m committed to offering people a path to healing that is natural (my sister is Erica, btw, and the plant family of Heather is Ericacea so I feel my mother had a sense of my journey before I did).

Today, I love herbs and the health benefits they can provide.

But that was not always the way I was.

My journey with herbalism evolved after years of stumbling through a variety of health issues. I grew tired of being passed off by doctors and specialists and decided to stop the insanity of doing the same thing and hoping for different results.

I decided to take a holistic approach to healing my body and began educating myself on nutrition, health, wellness and even tarot. I discovered the precious power of Mother Nature’s gifts of the herbal world. The more I learned, the more I began to use herbs and benefit from their magic and deep-healing powers for the mind, body and spirit. 

Within a year, I had remedied a systemic issue and regained control of my health!

Today, I offer carefully curated, handcrafted herbal products with an esoteric twist, designed to improve your personal self-care and help set you on the road to wellness.   

Invite me and the herbs Mother Nature offers along your journey to better living – life’s better when enjoyed in good health!

Love & Light,